Empower Children and Families with Unbound Sponsorship


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A certified medical representative, Zariq Siddiqui continues nearly three decades in the healthcare industry through his current position as the director of sales at the nutritional-product firm Abbott Laboratories. Alongside his career, Zariq Siddiqui has supported charitable organizations such as the Christian Foundation for Children and Aging, known as Unbound since 2014.

An international nonprofit organization dedicated to helping raise children and families out of poverty, Unbound accomplishes this goal through the generosity of its sponsors. These sponsors supply the financial assistance to help support individuals in poverty as well as furnishing a personal relationship of encouragement through the development of friendships.

Those who choose to sponsor a child with Unbound provide needed services such as education and healthcare. These funds also allow families to help them help themselves. For example, donations also supply individuals with seed capital for their farms and small businesses, empowering them to earn their own income and become able to provide for their children themselves.

For more information about the process or to find a child to sponsor, visit Unbound’s website at www.unbound.org.


Sponsor a Family, Student, or Elder Through Unbound



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After proving himself as a senior manager of sales operations and strategy at Abbott Laboratories, Inc., in Chicago Illinois, Zariq Siddiqui took on the role of sales director. Outside of his work as a sales leader, Zariq Siddiqui spends time contributing to charities such as Unbound and Habitat for Humanity.

Unbound, formerly the Christian Foundation for Children and Aging, is a Kansas City-based charity that provides aid to families living in poverty as they work toward achieving financial stability and a brighter future. Individuals can support the Unbound mission in a number of ways, beginning by signing up as a sponsor.

Monthly sponsorships begin at $36, though individuals can contribute a different amount if they desire. All money collected from general sponsors helps the organization to source food, make necessary home repairs, purchase new clothes, and make other life changing improvements for its beneficiaries. Donors can also choose to support a child’s future education by signing up as a student sponsor.

More sponsorship information, including elder sponsorship opportunities, can be found online at www.unbound.org.

Lesser-Known Destinations in Sweden


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Gulf of Bothnia
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The nutrition products sales director at Abbott Laboratories, Inc., Zariq Siddiqui oversees sales analytics, operations, and training. Prior to this, he held such positions a regional training specialist and district sales manager at the company. An avid traveler, Zariq Siddiqui has visited numerous countries throughout the world, including Sweden.

Sweden has no shortage of popular tourist destinations. However, it is also home to plenty of underrated towns and places worth exploring. Below are a few examples:

Gulf of Bothnia: This region of Sweden can be reached by taking an hour plane ride to Luleå. However, visitors may prefer the 12-hour drive through scenic landscapes complete with classic cottages, reflective lakes, and plenty of pine trees. The gulf itself features several small bays and docks with colorful rowboats, and during those very long northern-latitude summer days, visitors can watch the sun hover on the horizon.

Jokkmokk: Located above the Arctic Circle in the northern part of Sweden, Jokkmokk serves as the location of the Sámi people’s annual market. Held every February, this market brings in tens of thousands of visitors to watch reindeer races, go dog-sledding, or enjoy local cuisine. In summer, Jokkmokk features 24-hour sunshine.

Sigtuna: Dating back to 980, Sigtuna is Sweden’s oldest town. Filled with narrow streets, stone cottages, and a medieval town center, the village was the original base for Sweden’s government. While exploring, visitors can enjoy everything from old stone churches to a local museum about Swedish history.

Unbound’s Programs Help Families in Poverty Become Self-Sufficient


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Since July 1999, Zariq Siddiqui has been with Abbott Laboratories, a leading health care company based in Chicago, Illinois. He currently serves as Abbott’s nutrition products sales director, overseeing the sales training, analytics, and operations of distributors and group purchasing organizations. Outside of his professional career, Zariq Siddiqui contributes to several philanthropic organizations, including Unbound.

Formerly known as the Christian Foundation for Children and Aging, Unbound is a lay Catholic nonprofit organization dedicated to serving individuals and families in need. Unbound focuses its efforts on children, youth, the aging population, and their families, with services and programs offered in 19 countries. The organization works with families at the grassroots level, helping them come together in small groups to support each other. Programs are aimed at strengthening communities so that they can become self-sufficient.

One of Unbound’s sponsored programs is the Miracle Seed Rice Mill project of Quezon, Philippines. Constructed in 2009 by Unbound-sponsored families in the region, the Miracle Seed Mill benefits Quezon’s rice-farming families who are unable to earn a sufficient income selling to middlemen and other mills. In addition to employing local rice mill operators, the Miracle Seed Mill purchased the palay, or paddy, rice grain from local farmers and supplied milled rice to sponsored families. Unbound’s outcome assessment showed that the mill had moderately improved the incomes of the farmers who used it. It also improved the food supply for farmers’ families and the quality of their diets.

Heiffer International’s East Africa Youth Inclusion Program


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Youth Inclusion Program
Image: heifer.org

A graduate of the State University of New York with a bachelor’s in forensic science, Zariq Siddiqui serves as nutrition products sales director at Abbott Laboratories, Inc., in Chicago. Outside of work, Zariq Siddiqui contributes to several charitable organizations, such as Heifer International.

Heifer International recently launched the East Africa Youth Inclusion Program, a new initiative that aims to help youth in Uganda and Tanzania start businesses or find employment in the agricultural and dairy industries. Created in collaboration with the Mastercard Foundation, the $19 million project will likely be especially beneficial to youth who live near the growing dairy hubs.

Heifer International already operates a 600-member dairy and livestock farmers’ cooperative as part of its East African Dairy Development project. The cooperative has helped local farmers improve their dairy practices and get higher prices for their milk through their collective negotiating power.

As a result of this growth, young people have been finding jobs as delivery drivers to take milk to local dairy cooperatives. In turn, the economy has seen a ripple effect, with roadside shops opening to provide food and beverages to cooperative workers and drivers. With the new East Africa Youth Inclusion Program, Heifer International and Mastercard hope to continue this growth in the local dairy and agricultural industry and help position these young people for a brighter future.

Giving to Unbound Through Work


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Zariq Siddiqui is an experienced senior sales executive who currently directs nutrition product sales at Abbott Laboratories in Chicago, Illinois. Outside of the professional environment, Zariq Siddiqui contributes to multiple charities including the international non-profit Unbound Child Sponsorship.

Formerly known as the Christian Foundation for Children and Aging, Unbound works with people of all faiths to provide essential services for individuals living in poverty all over the world. It primarily focuses on the young, the elderly, and the families that support them.

In addition to accepting donations directly, Unbound supports a number of innovative ways to give at work. Through its employer matching program, Unbound donors can as much as double or triple their overall gifts by soliciting matching commitments from the companies that utilize them.

Unbound accepts contributions via payroll deduction as part of the Combined Federal Campaign, a government initiative that strives to make charitable giving easier. Unbound also participates in multi-individual state employee giving campaigns, as well as multiple employer-sponsored programs of the United Way.

Heifer International’s Milk Distribution Program in Tanzania

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Heifer International
Image: heifer.org

A graduate of the State University of New York with a bachelor’s in forensic science, Zariq Siddiqui serves as nutrition products sales director at Abbott Laboratories in Chicago. Outside of his leadership role at the company, Zariq Siddiqui contributes to numerous organizations, including Heifer International, which operates a milk donation program for children in Tanzania.

Heifer International encourages donors to contribute to the health of children in Tanzania through its milk distribution program. The organization sources milk through its East Africa Dairy Development project and packages it into 8-ounce containers for distribution throughout the 200-day school year in Tanzania’s Southern Highlands.

By donating, individuals can be part of a project that contributes to the nutrition of some 10,000 children. The milk distributed to the children provides a vital source of calcium and protein as well as vitamins A, B2, and B12. Contributions also promote the sustainability of the farmers who participate in the East Africa Dairy Development project.