Lesser-Known Destinations in Sweden


Gulf of Bothnia pic

Gulf of Bothnia
Image: britannica.com

The nutrition products sales director at Abbott Laboratories, Inc., Zariq Siddiqui oversees sales analytics, operations, and training. Prior to this, he held such positions a regional training specialist and district sales manager at the company. An avid traveler, Zariq Siddiqui has visited numerous countries throughout the world, including Sweden.

Sweden has no shortage of popular tourist destinations. However, it is also home to plenty of underrated towns and places worth exploring. Below are a few examples:

Gulf of Bothnia: This region of Sweden can be reached by taking an hour plane ride to Luleå. However, visitors may prefer the 12-hour drive through scenic landscapes complete with classic cottages, reflective lakes, and plenty of pine trees. The gulf itself features several small bays and docks with colorful rowboats, and during those very long northern-latitude summer days, visitors can watch the sun hover on the horizon.

Jokkmokk: Located above the Arctic Circle in the northern part of Sweden, Jokkmokk serves as the location of the Sámi people’s annual market. Held every February, this market brings in tens of thousands of visitors to watch reindeer races, go dog-sledding, or enjoy local cuisine. In summer, Jokkmokk features 24-hour sunshine.

Sigtuna: Dating back to 980, Sigtuna is Sweden’s oldest town. Filled with narrow streets, stone cottages, and a medieval town center, the village was the original base for Sweden’s government. While exploring, visitors can enjoy everything from old stone churches to a local museum about Swedish history.


Sweden’s Abisko National Park

Abisko National Park pic

Abisko National Park
Image: tripadvisor.com

As senior sales manager of operations and strategy at the Nutrition Products Division of Abbott Laboratories, Zariq Siddiqui is in charge of full-cycle sales operations. Outside of work, Zariq Siddiqui enjoys traveling and has visited Sweden.

One of the popular tourist destinations in Sweden is Abisko National Park. Having an area spanning 77 square kilometers, the park is within the Arctic Circle. It is also inside the auroral oval, an area where there is a greater chance of experiencing the Northern Lights.

Inside the park hovers Mt. Njullá where the Aurora Sky Station is situated. The station was chosen by travel magazine Lonely Planet as the best location in the world to witness the Northern Lights. In summer the area experiences 24-hour daylight which goes on for several weeks. Aside from natural lights displays, the area is also well-known for its Nordic wildlife and great natural beauty. It is Sweden’s driest area as well, allowing for a long hiking season.

Around 100 kilometers to the east is the municipality of Kiruna, which has regular flights to Stockholm. From Kiruna, the park can be reached by taxi, bus, or train.