Heifer International’s Milk Distribution Program in Tanzania

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Heifer International
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A graduate of the State University of New York with a bachelor’s in forensic science, Zariq Siddiqui serves as nutrition products sales director at Abbott Laboratories in Chicago. Outside of his leadership role at the company, Zariq Siddiqui contributes to numerous organizations, including Heifer International, which operates a milk donation program for children in Tanzania.

Heifer International encourages donors to contribute to the health of children in Tanzania through its milk distribution program. The organization sources milk through its East Africa Dairy Development project and packages it into 8-ounce containers for distribution throughout the 200-day school year in Tanzania’s Southern Highlands.

By donating, individuals can be part of a project that contributes to the nutrition of some 10,000 children. The milk distributed to the children provides a vital source of calcium and protein as well as vitamins A, B2, and B12. Contributions also promote the sustainability of the farmers who participate in the East Africa Dairy Development project.


Heifer International Assists in Recovery Following Quake in Ecuador

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Heifer International
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A pharmaceutical sales executive, Zariq Siddiqui has worked as senior manager of sales operations and strategy at Abbott Laboratories in Chicago since 1999. Alongside his professional activities, Zariq Siddiqui supports Heifer International, a nonprofit that oversees a variety of assistance services worldwide.

Heifer International has been hard at work in Ecuador recently assisting those affected by a 7.8-magnitude earthquake that shook the country on April 16, 2016. The quake, which was followed by hundreds of aftershocks, destroyed buildings, homes, and infrastructure and caused the deaths of more than 500 people.

The Heifer team on the ground in the country focused on building community shelters for the many Ecuadorians who were left without a home. The group also has worked to distribute water, food, and health products such as vitamins, bug repellent, and antibiotics.

Heifer International is in need of a variety items and asking for donations to support its efforts. For more information, or to make a donation, visit www.heifer.org.

How Heifer International’s Passing on the Gift Model Helps Communities

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Heifer International
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A sales professional at Abbott Laboratories, Zariq Siddiqui serves as senior manager of sales operations and strategy for the nutrition products division. In his spare time, Zariq Siddiqui enjoys supporting the community through Heifer International.

Heifer International aims to eradicate world hunger and poverty in remote regions. Endorsed by Food Network personality Alton Brown, the organization employs a model of “passing on the gift” that helps create a sustainable livelihood in impoverished communities. Through its programs, Heifer International trains citizens on proper techniques for raising livestock. When a person’s livestock produces a female offspring, he or she is encouraged to gift the animal to another family and educate them on raising the animal.

Heifer International has the ability to lift communities out of poverty by giving them a source of income. Livestock and their offspring help produce food by supplying milk, fertilizing seeds to stimulate growth, and working as field-plowers. As a result, the produce and foods can be turned into a business that affords medicine and homes as well as clothing and education for families.

Heifer International’s Efforts in Arkansas and Appalachia

Zariq Siddiqui joined the healthcare company Abbott Laboratories Inc. in 1999 and currently serves as nutrition products senior manager in charge of sales operations and strategy. Apart from his professional responsibilities, Zariq Siddiqui supports Heifer International, a charitable organization that promotes sustainable agriculture intervention around the world.

Within the United States, Heifer International operates in Appalachia and Arkansas, two areas with high rates of food insecurity and extreme poverty. The program aims to build and strengthen local food systems by empowering small-scale farmers and entrepreneurs. Heifer’s five-year program in the region extends to all aspects of the food system, from growing and harvesting to packaging, transporting, and disposing of unused food.

The program will create Community Supported Agriculture Programs (CSAs) and train farmers in sustainable practices, as well as help with strategic business planning. The program will also establish farmers’ markets where growers can connect with community members and access wholesale markets.

Heifer International Leads Alternative Mission Trips

A dedicated member of the business and local community, Zariq Siddiqui has served in several sales capacities for Abbott Laboratories since 1999. Outside of his work, Zariq Siddiqui gives his time and resources to a number of charitable organizations, including the United Way, the Christian Foundation for Children and Aging, and Heifer International.

Founded by a Midwest farmer, Dan West, nearly 70 years ago, Heifer International is dedicated to ending hunger and poverty in all corners of the world. The organization helps to connect underprivileged people with the resources that will enable families and communities to become self-reliant. 

Among the organization’s programs are alternative mission trips, which are offered at Heifer International’s many learning centers. Featuring both day and overnight programs, the mission trips help individuals understand how the human race, animals, and the environment all work in concert with one another.

The mission trips are designed to foster stronger relationships between Heifer members and people in general. During the meetings, members learn about the causes of poverty and hunger, and the solutions to end them. The program also inspires members to want to help and care for others less fortunate than themselves.

Zariq Siddiqui on Getting Involved with Heifer International

Zariq Siddiqui is a supporter of Heifer International, a nonprofit food aid organization dedicated to alleviating poverty and hunger worldwide. As a pediatric sales manager for the global health care firm Abbott Laboratories, Zariq Siddiqui is passionate about supporting family and community health.

There are many ways to get involved with Heifer International. The organization is funded primarily through donations and grants, so fundraising is key to its success. Heifer International offers fundraising programs and opportunities for all ages and groups, including the web-based resource Team Heifer, the Read to Feed program for children, and the fun and rewarding Heifer Challenge.

Another way to get involved with Heifer International is to become a volunteer. Heifer International volunteers raise public awareness about global hunger and build financial support for the organization. To learn more about volunteer and fundraising opportunities with Heifer International, visit www.heifer.org.

Zariq Siddiqui: Heifer International Brings Hope

A successful pediatric district sales manager, Zariq Siddiqui recruits and leads a diverse team of sales professionals at Abbott Laboratories, Inc. Responsible for increasing sales of pediatric nutritional and pharmaceutical products, the businessman also takes an interest in helping people in need throughout the world. To achieve this goal, Zariq Siddiqui donates to the charitable organization Heifer International.

Heifer International was founded by Indiana farmer Dan West, who wanted to help orphaned children and refugees. Mr. West concluded that people needed “a cow, not a cup.” Cows can produce milk, while cups can only hold a drink. Therefore, toward the end of World War II, West and his neighbors sent cows to Europe. From that small beginning, Heifer International now distributes 30 types of animals to people in impoverished nations all over the world.

Heifer International’s goal is to help families and individuals gain the ability to sustain themselves with income generated from the animals they’ve been given. In addition to providing animals, Heifer International also offers training in sustainable practices that help communities thrive.

Heifer International depends on donations, and has great success with its “Most Important Gift Catalog in the World,” from which donors can “purchase” an animal to give to a person in need.