About Zariq Siddiqui

AN Pediatric District Sales Manager – Abbott Laboratories Inc.Healthcare sales professional Zariq Siddiqui serves Abbott Laboratories as Senior Manager Sales Operations for the business’ pediatric nutrition division, a role in which he increases sales, provides
leadership to a regional sales team, and creates business plans. Mr. Siddiqui recruits and manages employees, and he uses his product and industry knowledge to conduct strategic planning for his team. In 2011, Zariq Siddiqui became a member of Abbott’s Sales and Marketing Advisory Committee. In a mentorship role, he helps to develop other employees to “approaching expectations” status. Mr. Siddiqui has contributed significantly to Abbott, including signing 21 Prime Vendor agreements and implementing a registered dietician pilot position in a prominent Northeast United States district. Further, Zariq Siddiqui gained approval for the drug NeoProfen within the Yale New Haven Health System and the University of Connecticut formulary.

A District Sales Manager within Abbott’s Pharmaceutical Products Division for three years, Zariq Siddiqui was responsible for increasing sales of primary care medications and providing sales leadership to his team through coaching, motivating, and implementing skill-development programs.

Zariq Siddiqui was born in Pakistan to a father who was a British merchant marine, but he grew up in Dartmouth and Halifax, both in Nova Scotia, Canada. He enjoys a number of personal activities when he is not busy professionally. A physically active individual, Mr. Siddiqui has been sports-minded since childhood; he played hockey and ran for the Nova Scotia Legion Track and Field team, where he took 8th place nationally in the 1,500-meter run. He also plays golf and swims with the Abbington Swim Team. Mr. Siddiqui enjoys watching University of Notre Dame Fighting Irish football on the collegiate level and the Buffalo Bills of the National Football League. Indulging his love of travel, Mr. Siddiqui has visited Greece, Sweden, Saint Lucia, and the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. He also attends services at Saint Mary Magdalene Catholic Church and acts as a member of the Abbington Homeowners’ Association.


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