Unbound Awareness Trips Put Sponsorship Contributions into Focus


Unbound pic

Image: unbound.org

Zariq Siddiqui serves as the director of sales for Abbot Laboratories, where he oversees procedures for sales including training, analytics, and operations. Beyond his responsibilities with the company, Zariq Siddiqui supports Unbound, formerly known as Christian Foundation for Children and Aging, a nonprofit organization benefiting families in poverty.

Unbound invites sponsors to witness firsthand the results of their contributions through its Awareness Trips program. Sponsorship funds help families in an assortment of ways, from providing food and clean water to covering expenses for school supplies and home repairs. Awareness Trips are designed to highlight the benefits of an Unbound sponsorship and bring the importance of assisting those in poverty into sharper focus. Additionally, sponsors have the opportunity to meet the individuals who directly benefit from their support.

Options for Awareness Trips include six locations: Mexico, Central America, South America, Asia, Africa, and the Caribbean. Trip prices vary according to location, and costs cover meals, lodging, and most in-country transportation. However, airfare expenses are not included. Travel also requires a valid passport, travel medical insurance, and up-to-date immunizations.

For more information on Unbound Awareness Trips, please visit www.unbound.org/BottomMenu/Trips.


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