Nutrient Intake Can Speed Recovery Time After Surgery


Nutrient Intake pic

Nutrient Intake

Born in Pakistan and raised in Canada, Zariq Siddiqui attended the College at Brockport, State University of New York, where he obtained a bachelor’s degree in forensic science. Zariq Siddiqui currently serves as a senior sales manager at Abbott Laboratories Inc., an international health care company which recently introduced two nutrition drinks that can help patients’ recovery from surgical procedures.

Over 48 million surgical procedures are performed annually in the U.S., and a number of organizations, incuding the American College of Surgeons, have developed guidelines addressing the importance of immunonutrition to the recovery process. When consumed by the patient prior to and following their procedure, nutrients that boost the immune system like protein and omega-3 fatty acids can help reduce infections following surgery, resulting in a faster recovery, shorter hospital stay, and lower costs.

Additionally, it’s been reported that consuming carbohydrates approximately 2-hours before surgery reduces anxiety, insulin resistance, nausea and pain following the procedure, and the time spent in the hospital.


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