How Heifer International’s Passing on the Gift Model Helps Communities

Heifer International pic

Heifer International

A sales professional at Abbott Laboratories, Zariq Siddiqui serves as senior manager of sales operations and strategy for the nutrition products division. In his spare time, Zariq Siddiqui enjoys supporting the community through Heifer International.

Heifer International aims to eradicate world hunger and poverty in remote regions. Endorsed by Food Network personality Alton Brown, the organization employs a model of “passing on the gift” that helps create a sustainable livelihood in impoverished communities. Through its programs, Heifer International trains citizens on proper techniques for raising livestock. When a person’s livestock produces a female offspring, he or she is encouraged to gift the animal to another family and educate them on raising the animal.

Heifer International has the ability to lift communities out of poverty by giving them a source of income. Livestock and their offspring help produce food by supplying milk, fertilizing seeds to stimulate growth, and working as field-plowers. As a result, the produce and foods can be turned into a business that affords medicine and homes as well as clothing and education for families.


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