Basics of Rugby

Basics of Rugby pic

Basics of Rugby

An experienced professional in the pharmaceutical development industry, Zariq Siddiqui serves as nutrition products senior manager for sales operation and strategy with Abbott Laboratories. In his free time, Zariq Siddiqui enjoys playing rugby with the Brockport Alumni team.

An intensely physical full-contact sport, rugby places two 15-player teams against one another over the course of an 80-minute match. There are no clock stoppages, though one rest period of no more than 10 minutes is allowed following the first 40-minute half. Play consists of each team attempting to advance the ball toward the opposing in-goal area. This is known as a “try” and results in five points awarded to the successful team.

After a try, the scoring team may attempt to kick the ball between the goalposts for an additional two points. Teams may also score three points on a penalty kick, which occurs when the opposing team has violated a rule of the game, or during free play in the context of a drop goal. Drop goals may only be made if the ball bounces at least one time before the kick.


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