The CCGS Hudson – 50 Years of Canadian Oceanographic Research

CCGS Hudson pic

CCGS Hudson

Zariq Siddiqui is a medical products executive who guides Abbott Laboratories, Inc.’s district pediatric sales activities in Chicago. His father was active with the British Merchant Marines and he was born in England. Zariq Siddiqui’s family subsequently settled in Canada and his father worked on the Arctic ice breaker and research vessel, the CCGS Hudson (formerly the CSS Hudson).

Canadian Coast Guard-operated, the Hudson was commissioned in 1964 and is still undertaking offshore hydrographic and oceanographic surveys to this day. More than 50 years old, it is the oldest operational vessel in Canada. At the time of its construction the Hudson was the country’s largest research vessel and focused on Mid-Atlantic Ridge geophysical surveys that increased knowledge of continental drift.

The vessel made an in-depth Labrador Sea oceanographic wintertime survey in the late 1960s that helped map the Labrador Current and the deep mixing forces prevalent during severe winters. As recounted in Alan Edmonds’ 1973 book Voyage to the Edge of the World, the Hudson also undertook an important research voyage through the Northwest Passage that demonstrated the effects of undersea mountain peaks in making such passage inherently dangerous. One of the CCGS Hudson’s milestone voyages was an 11-month cruise that involved the first-ever circumnavigation of North and South America.


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