Considerations for Boosting Speed and Running Further Safely

A business executive, Zariq Siddiqui oversees sales for Abbott Laboratories, a company with revenues in the billions of dollars each year. Away from work, Zariq Siddiqui maintains a healthy lifestyle and runs up to five miles a day.

To safely increase the distance and pace you run, consider the following:

Integrating Sprints: Quick bursts of speed helps improve overall pace. To safely incorporate sprints, you should begin running easily, and then stop to catch your breath. Resume running, but use about 90 percent of your effort for a distance of approximately 100 yards. When complete, recover with a short walk or jog. This should be repeated three to five times for optimal results.

Getting New Shoes: On average, it’s best to purchase new running shoes after 300 to 500 miles of wear on an existing pair. This ensures you can continue training without injury to the shins and Achilles tendons from lack of support.

Changing Running Style: Good technique is vital for running further and faster. Aim to run “tall” with a gentle forward lean. In addition, make sure that your feet land underneath your body with a mid-foot landing. Striking at the heel adds drag and can increase the potential of an injury.


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