Individual Outcomes of Unbound’s Sponsorship Program

A graduate of the State University of New York (SUNY) in Brockport, New York, Zariq Siddiqui holds a bachelor of science in forensic science and is currently nutrition products senior manager of sales operation and strategy for Abbott Laboratories Inc. Additionally, Zariq Siddiqui lends support to such charitable organizations as Unbound, formerly known as the Christian Foundation For Children and Aging.

Unbound serves poor and vulnerable populations throughout the world, focusing on health, education, and economic initiatives that lift up individuals and communities. Among the organization’s strategies is a one-to-one sponsorship model that allows for close tracking of individual outcomes. Sponsors and their sponsored friends are encouraged to correspond regularly through letters, and when sponsored members retire from the program, they are encouraged to write farewell letters to their sponsors.

In 2012, Unbound conducted a global evaluation of outcomes, relying on such farewell letters to determine the impact of the sponsorship program. The evaluation found high rates of intangible benefits such as increased self-esteem, character development, and general improvements to quality of life.


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