A Brief History of the Buffalo Bills By Zariq Siddiqui

Introduced in 1946, the first professional football team from Buffalo, New York bore the name “the Bisons.” Part of the All-America Football Conference, they were renamed the Bills after “Buffalo” Bill Cody the following year. However, they only played until the 1949-1950 season.

In 1960, Ralph Wilson Jr. brought an American Football League (AFL) franchise to Buffalo and christened the new team the Bills after its predecessor. Despite winning two AFL Championships during its first decade, the Buffalo Bills failed to obtain many titles over the next fifty years, despite earning spots in the playoffs seventeen times. One of the team’s most notable players was OJ Simpson, who as a running back, broke National Football League records for yards, rushing, and touchdowns and won the Most Valuable Player Award in 1973. During the 1990s, the Buffalo Bills garnered headlines for making it to the Super Bowl four consecutive times and never winning the Big Game once.

About the Author:

For over a decade, Zariq Siddiqui has provided his services to Abbot Laboratories Inc. Currently acting as its AN Pediatric District Sales Manager, Siddiqui enjoys following the Buffalo Bills.


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