Zariq Siddiqui: Heifer International Brings Hope

A successful pediatric district sales manager, Zariq Siddiqui recruits and leads a diverse team of sales professionals at Abbott Laboratories, Inc. Responsible for increasing sales of pediatric nutritional and pharmaceutical products, the businessman also takes an interest in helping people in need throughout the world. To achieve this goal, Zariq Siddiqui donates to the charitable organization Heifer International.

Heifer International was founded by Indiana farmer Dan West, who wanted to help orphaned children and refugees. Mr. West concluded that people needed “a cow, not a cup.” Cows can produce milk, while cups can only hold a drink. Therefore, toward the end of World War II, West and his neighbors sent cows to Europe. From that small beginning, Heifer International now distributes 30 types of animals to people in impoverished nations all over the world.

Heifer International’s goal is to help families and individuals gain the ability to sustain themselves with income generated from the animals they’ve been given. In addition to providing animals, Heifer International also offers training in sustainable practices that help communities thrive.

Heifer International depends on donations, and has great success with its “Most Important Gift Catalog in the World,” from which donors can “purchase” an animal to give to a person in need.


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