Zariq Siddiqui on Running in Winter – Part I: Layers

Many enthusiastic joggers pack their shoes away when seasonal change brings lower-than-comfortable running temperatures, but others power on. The secret to running in extreme weather is suitable attire.

As your body deals with the changes from extreme cold to natural body warmth, layers are essential, particularly on your upper body. Synthetic fabrics designed for runners will keep you warm and dry with the latest thermal technology. Try Thermax or DryFit, or consult a running specialty store. A second, insulating layer such as MicroFleece, will trap air and release heat and moisture. To resist wind and water, a windproof and waterproof layer on top is ideal. The right layering should protect you from the elements, but also allow any moisture and excessive heat to escape from your body.

On your legs, you can opt for pants with similar synthetic materials as the upper body base layer. If the cold is extreme, a light windproof or waterproof pair of track pants over the top should suffice. When runners get the balance right, they successfully manage the elements while running comfortably. See Part II for discussion about what accessories to wear when running in winter.

About the Author:
Zariq Siddiqui is a Pediatric District Sales Manager at Abbott Laboratories and a resident of Nova Scotia. An avid fitness fan and experienced runner, he completes an average daily run of three to five miles.


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