Zariq Siddiqui: What Long Distance Running Can Teach Us about Business

As a child, Zariq Siddiqui was a competitive runner with the Nova Scotia Legion Track and Field Team, placing as high as 8th in Canada for the 1500m event. Today, the health care sales manager still runs between 3 and 5 miles every day, an activity that not only keeps him fit but also provides valuable lessons and insight for his professional life.

Practice regularly. Success in business does not simply happen on command, it is the result of keeping skills and muscles in top condition. Consistent training is the most effective way to maintain and increase capabilities, whether of body or mind.

Know your course. Before starting a race or beginning a professional task, conducting some advance reconnaissance of upcoming obstacles or challenges can help with choosing an appropriate pace and setting realistic milestones or checkpoints.

Look back. When striving toward a goal, whether a finish line or a business objective, it is tempting to focus only on how much distance is left. Taking the time to look back on the ground already covered, or achievements successfully accomplished, can provide substantial motivation and energy for the remaining miles.


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