Individual Contributors Sustain Heifer International By Zariq Siddiqui

Buttressed by the assistance of supporters who offer donations from across the planet, Heifer International changes lives through the distribution of animals and plants in more than 125 countries worldwide. Since its establishment in Little Rock, Arkansas in 1944, this pioneering non-profit has aided close to 100 million people using funds from charitable donations. For more than six decades, Heifer International has provided nourishment to the world’s hungry through gifts of livestock, vegetation, and animal husbandry training. Committed to eradicating hunger globally, the charity strives to eliminate this social ill through the principle of self-help, by fostering the ability of beneficiaries to become self-sustaining. With an emphasis on long-term solutions, this leading organization emphasizes long term, community-driven solutions. To enact its innovative, life-changing programs, Heifer International relies on the contributions of individuals, whose ongoing support ensures the continued success of its programming.

About the Author: Zariq Siddiqui grew up in Nova Scotia, Canada, and has traveled widely. Currently a Pediatric District Sales Manager for Abbott Laboratories, Mr. Siddiqui supports several charities dedicated to improving the health of children and adults around the world.


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