Golf Tips from an Experienced Amateur

A Pediatric District Sales Manager with the leading health care company Abbott Laboratories, Inc., Zariq Siddiqui spends much of his free time on Chicago-area golf courses. His years of golfing experience have enabled Mr. Siddiqui to instruct a number of newcomers in the sport’s basic fundamentals. We recently caught up with Zariq Siddiqui on the links to ask him a few questions on the subject.

Q: What is the first thing that a new golfer needs to know?

A: Every golf swing is comprised of a number of localized body actions. Coordinating these actions is what makes golfing such a challenge. The new golfer should focus his or her attention on five basic areas of movement: foot movement, leg and knee movement, hip and shoulder movement, hand and wrist movement, and arm movement.

Q: How should one approach the first shot?

A: The initial shot of each golf hole is called a tee shot because it is performed on a patch of raised ground called a “tee.” Taking a full swing with a driver or other club built for long distances is always a bit difficult at first. Just square the clubface with the ball, keep your head down, and rotate your body through the swing. And do not forget to take plenty of practice swings!

Q: As a golfer nears the green, what kinds of adjustments must be made?

A: Shots close to the green, or “approaching shots,” are among the most difficult in the game because they require a great amount of finesse. Choose a club that is the right length and weight to accommodate a three-quarter swing and make sure that your front foot is aligned with your target area. Even though you might be afraid of overshooting, make certain that you follow through completely.


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